We foster developing-country entrepreneurs of tomorrow by sponsoring high school improvement projects designed and led by the students themselves.


All over the world, talent is being wasted.

Kids growing up in poverty have precious skills and gifts to contribute to their communities and our world – but so many of them never get the chance. They fight to stay in school through obstacles like hunger, serious illness, and need to help support their struggling families. Without an education, they are deprived of the opportunity to use the gifts that could break the cycle of poverty for themselves and their families.

These talented young people are not mere charity cases. They are the future. They are the ones best positioned to create the innovations that will build their communities, and our success is linked to theirs. Our future leaders deserve more than just material aid – they deserve support, encouragement, training, and opportunity to be the best that they can be.


Overcoming Obstacles

“Bujuuko” is a Luganda word meaning “a place where obstacles are overcome.”

Bujuuko Foundation is working to give young people the opportunity to become our future leaders and innovators in the developing world. We are working with Bujuuko High School in Bujuuko, Uganda, to pioneer a model that can be replicated in other countries and regions.

We focus not on what our partners don’t have, but on what they do have – their talents, their skills, their passion for learning. We work to fund student-led projects and to provide key training they may need to make the project a success. We are affiliated with major research universities in Africa and the United States and pull from those pools of expertise and goodwill to support the students we serve.

Bujuuko High School Entrepreneurship Competition

Bujuuko Foundation sponsors an annual Entrepreneurship Competition for students in our first partner school, Bujuuko High School.

In our competition:

  • Teams of approximately 20 low-income high school students are paired with a WVU undergraduate as a coach/facilitator
  • Student teams develop a project they can implement themselves to improve their school
  • Students develop a concept, budget, work plan, and staffing plan
  • Students present their ideas to their school and a panel of judges using PowerPoint as well as creative expression
  • The winning team receives seed money of approximately $250 to start their project

And the biggest motivator:

  • All students on the winning team receive ONE YEAR OF SCHOOL FEES paid for by Bujuuko Foundation when they successfully implement their project

Bujuuko Foundation aims to continue this program in Bujuuko High School, and to found a similar competition in other schools in developing regions.

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Welcome to Bujuuko Foundation

Welcome to Bujuuko Foundation

This blog is the story of real people: high school kids in developing countries like the ones at our pilot school, Bujuuko High School, in Bujuuko, Uganda. Thanks for stopping by.

At Bujuuko Foundation, our mission is to foster tomorrow’s developing-country entrepreneurs by sponsoring student projects to ...

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