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Bujuuko High School Entrepreneurship Competition

Bujuuko Foundation sponsors an annual Entrepreneurship Competition for students in our first partner school, Bujuuko High School.

In our competition:

  • Teams of approximately 20 low-income high school students are paired with a WVU undergraduate as a coach/facilitator
  • Student teams develop a project they can implement themselves to improve their school
  • Students develop a concept, budget, work plan, and staffing plan
  • Students present their ideas to their school and a panel of judges using PowerPoint as well as creative expression
  • The winning team receives seed money of approximately $250 to start their project

And the biggest motivator:

  • All students on the winning team receive ONE YEAR OF SCHOOL FEES paid for by Bujuuko Foundation when they successfully implement their project

Bujuuko Foundation aims to continue this program in Bujuuko High School, and to found a similar competition in other schools in developing regions.

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