Who We Are

Bujuuko Foundation was formed in 2015 by friends from Uganda and the United States who saw an opportunity for change. Alison Peck and Job Kasule met as colleagues at West Virginia University. Alison is a law professor who studies sustainable development, and Job is a postdoctoral fellow and hails from Uganda.

Job and his friend, Sadhat Walusimbi, have been contributing since 2008 to support Bujuuko High School. Job and Sadhat began sending money home from their modest earnings as graduate assistants to support Bujuuko High School.

Sharing an interest in development, Job, Alison, and Sadhat started Bujuuko Foundation to support the kids at Bujuuko High School – and kids like them in poor communities around the world.

As Ugandans who grew up in poor families, Job and Sadhat knew first-hand the potential of their peers, and how few were lucky enough to have the opportunity to get a quality education. They also knew that something bigger than an occasional well-meaning gift would be necessary to give a fair chance to kids like those at Bujuuko High School.

Bujuuko Foundation, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation organized and based in West Virginia. Donations to Bujuuko Foundation, Inc. are tax deductible.