Safinah, Senior 3

July 20th, 2017

Safinah is in Senior 3 (tenth grade) and would like to become a comedic actress or a computer wizard, or maybe both. Her biggest challenge, as with so many students, has been the struggle to pay school fees. When she was finishing Primary Seven (seventh grade) and preparing for the PLE exam (required for high school admission) she learned she was ineligible to sit the exam because she had an unpaid balance on her school fees for the previous year. She knew the auntie she was living with didn't have the money to settle the balance, and she knew she would be delayed to join Secondary school by a whole year if she couldn't clear the balance.

"I saw that the earth was swallowing me up when I was not allowed to sit to my PLE exams...I felt like dying and it tasted sour," she said. In the final hours before the testing, the director of the school allowed her to test even though her balance remained. After the testing, the director of the school took her to do a computing workshop and she fell in love with computers. "I learned researching, and so many other things about computers. Now I want the school to be full of computer wizards!"