A Message from Raymond, Senior 5

October 7th, 2017

By Raymond (18 years), Sr. 5 Arts, Headboy [similar to class president], Bujuuko High School (back row left, holding Let's Go flag)

It would be unfair to set the ball rolling without great thanks to the almighty Lord for keeping me alive, my mom, relatives, friends, schoolmates, teachers, as well as you reading this. My greeting to you who is reading … Well, just smile, my heart will beat rapidly for 5 minutes and I will know you replied.

We know that you are good-hearted for you have asked to hear from us and you have left great reforms back at Bujuuko High, like the computer lab – thanks a lot, for you inspire me a lot. I remember most of you, especially Prof. Alison Peck, Charles, Shane, Savannah, Dr. Sadhat, and the other pretty quiet lady that I’m sorry to have forgotten the name but still remember her face. Since I dream of being a professional in the field of Information Technology you guys made part of my tools for my dream more of a reality. That leaves a great footstep in my heart, thanks a lot, you’re my inspiration.

Everyone at a certain point faces challenges, that time when you’re up a creek and lack someone to openly talk to, maybe because you fear them. I remember my world felt like it was crashing when I was still in Primary 6 and my dad died …. I hate to say but I will never get such a loving dad like him ever again … that’s life, anyway. But a million reasons were given to me by my mom to keep the flame burning, regardless of the fact that she isn’t working. She has acquired loans to keep me in school, hustled for my future even when my relatives neglected me, and she still toils – how challenging it is for her! School fees are my greatest challenge for the time. I miss school a lot when I’m sent home for fees. I miss a lot, thus affecting my academics.

Amidst all challenges, my mom is my strength, for she always tells me to make a great comeback when I have a setback. Some time back, she told me that setbacks prepare us for great comebacks. She has been the lady to back me up however much at times I am out of control.

When I’m said I lay down in my bed and sing because that’s my cup of tea, relax my mind, and pretend I’m talking to someone who is my pillar. Playing football is also a strength I possess, though I can’t fulfill it within the walls of my limitations. At times I also convince myself that I am eloquent, thus a strength. Thank your for your time ….